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how to use - makecab.exe(updated)

Makecab.exe, it's file compress and packaging tool.
Makecab capable of making install package.
But,I will compress files to CAB.


  • Make single CAB file.I will not split CAB file that size is same as legacy media(FD,MO,CD and etc)
  • no subfolders to contain splited CAB files
  • no file created for install package
makecab.exe /D CabinetNameTemplate=CABFilePath /D RptFileName=nul /D InfFileName=nul /D DiskDirectoryTemplate= /D MaxDiskSize=0 SorceFilePath

CABFileName:Path of CAB file to create.
SorceFilePath:Name of file list. It is contained file path of files to be contained in CAB.

RptFileName and InfFileName is nul: these file is used to install package.
DiskDirectoryTemplate is blank: we do not haev to make CAB in any subfolder to splited files.
MaxDiskSize is 0: We donot have to split file.